Halloween was a bit of a wash out, wasn’t it? All that rain and no thunder and lightning. At this time of year, when I look at the movie streaming offerings and the carved pumpkins, I wonder about our desire to feel fear. It’s apparently good to scare ourselves occasionally, and once a year can do no harm. 
Feeling fear can become a habit though, and its effects can be crippling. 
Many of the fears we developed became so ingrained we scarcely think anymore as to why we were scared in the first place. We can simply switch on autopilot and be afraid of something because we have always done that. 
What scares you? Are you truly terrified of the ghost, or merely the very thought of happening upon it as you creep along the landing? What would you do if you faced the ghost down? Would it be so terrifying after all? Is it not the prospect of it that can be worse than the reality? 
What if you welcomed fear? What if knowing that seeing the ghost somehow disempowers it and makes it as transparent as if it was in a cheesy old horror movie. How much more could you enjoy in life if you opened your shoulders and didn’t tense up with the fearful prospect of it all. 
Think back to something in your life which might have made you scared. Often, it was never so bad as you feared once you squared up to it. The reality was more mundane than the fantastical story you told yourself. 
Possibly you just underestimated your own resilience and strength. Remember that next time. Get out of the fear habit and let yourself be scared. You will surprise yourself! 
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