We’ve all got a Jekyll and Hyde in us. We like to, so to speak, hide the Hyde as we don’t want that worst part of ourselves to show itself or hold us back. These are the kind of thoughts, emotions, behaviours which seem to be at odds with where we want to go. 
Be careful you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. These days, I am a much bigger proponent of accepting those aspects of ourselves which we don’t like. It is not healthy to deny negative emotions or thoughts, instead we should allow them to pass through. 
I believe that whatever comes from within has some value, even if we don’t wish certain traits to define us. JF Kennedy said, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", in the wise knowledge that if you ignore them, they will get you somehow. The same could be said about our negative traits and characteristics. 
Imagine you are one entity with several different perspectives and purposes. If your subconscious mind has decided to go against your conscious wishes to make change and achieve a goal, it has a reason. It’s trying to protect you, even if that seems counter-intuitive at the time. 
Listen to both sides of the argument. There may be valuable data that you are missing. Let them work together. You might feel you will reach a stalemate if you let these parts of yourself beat each other up, but in the end, you will go a lot further towards your own goals. 
If you are stuck with change, try listening to this recording if you have some time to yourself (it is 17 minutes long). Relax, use your imagination and some self compassion to listen to those different opinions of your mind and sort them out. See if it helps you, while relaxed and comfortable, to gain some insights as to the reasons why you can’t move forward. 

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