What do you want from Right Mindfulness?

I will tailor my approach to suit YOUR workplace or business. I will listen first and discuss your team's goals and the reasons why you want to build wellbeing into your business.

Mindfulness Group Course

A programme designed for working teams to help with:

• Stress & resilience

• Job satisfaction/motivation

• Effective interpersonal skills

• Better communications

• Increased self-awareness

• Focus and prioritisation

• Enhanced performance

For most organizations I run 

 - a 1-hour introduction to mindfulness, the science, benefits, and some practice.

- 20 - 30 minute dial-ins every week for employees to check in and re-charge with a guided meditation online

- can be formal mediation or other guided activities, such as Mindful Walks

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Dial in meditations

30-minute group time-outs to restore energy and focus. Dial-in meditations for teams and individuals

• De-stress during work hours

• Use a guided meditation for teams to re-focus

• Taking a mindful break means higher output overall

• Cost-effective solution to let employees 're-boot' then be more productive as they continue their day

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Mental Resilience

Full day workshops over Zoom or in-person (post-Covid!) which help employees and teams build their mental resilience skills and performance.

With a comprehensive toolkit of simple ways to strengthen mental health, resilience, and performance, we help people build

  • a positive growth mindset

  • social connectivity

  • ability to handle adversity

  • mindfulness capability

  • their goal setting, planning, and execution

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Wellbeing Retreats

6-hour retreats in a peaceful country location to restore mind and body. Re-build mental strength and increase self-esteem. Learn techniques to build mindfulness into life

• Guided meditations

• Walking meditations in nature

• Light yoga / mindful movement

• Mindful eating / silent lunch

• Get calm and leave feeling refreshed

Employees will leave this retreat feeling refreshed and restored and invigorated to boost your practice.

Call me to discuss if this is right for your team's needs

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