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Most people, especially beginners, find it's easier to meditate with a guided voice. I have recorded a number of meditations which you can play anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

(Never listen while driving!)

Below are a few of my favourite meditations. If you are not so experienced, I recommend you work from top to bottom, getting comfortable with each one first  - Focus on breath first , and accepting the reality of what is going on in and around you, then moving on to dealing with thoughts and feelings. Each text gives the minutes and seconds of the meditation so you can judge how much time you want to spend.

Desk Calm
00:00 / 04:09

Desk Calmer Meditation Track

A short meditation when at your desk and work gets you down - just a few minutes to re-set (4:08)

Relax And Re-Tune
00:00 / 05:50

Relax and Retune Meditation Track

Just under six minutes to relax and re-tune, particularly good after a hard day or before bed (5:50)

So Hum 2019
00:00 / 09:04

Focus On Breath Meditation Track

'So Hum' is said to be the sound of the breath. This meditation encourages you to focus on both breath and mantra and is one of my favourites (09:03)

Loving Kindness
00:00 / 15:07

Loving Kindness Meditation Track

A pleasant outcome of meditation is the ability to show greater kindness for oneself and others. This one encourages and conditions you to have greater compassion all round (15:06)

Lie Down Relaxation And Body Scan
00:00 / 24:02

Body Scan Lie Down Meditation Track

A way to meditate and relax by lying down, really effective for end of day and helps you sleep. This is a type of body scan meditation and is a very popular variant (24:01)

Sounds And Thoughts
00:00 / 16:22

Sounds & Thought Meditation Track

Meditation practice unlocks our ability to be able to view our thoughts from a little distance and understand how our thought processes work. By using Sounds as a metaphor for thoughts, as well the thoughts themselves, we can gain control over our awareness, and how we think and view the world (16.21)

Mindful Walking
00:00 / 12:49

Mindful Walking Meditation Track

A great to way to experience the outdoors and calm your mind. If using headphones - be safe and alert to any potential hazards....(12:49)