What is Hypnotherapy?

Generally, all of our psychological problems reside in our subconscious mind, the part of us which controls most of our thoughts and actions.

Often, we have deep-rooted fears which sit here and ultimately control our behaviour. Hypnotherapy relaxes you so your subconscious mind can be engaged and have positive suggestions put to it, which can then change the way you think. Don't worry, you never lose control and your subconscious mind will always be on YOUR side

A widely used practice, hypnotherapy can cure or improve:

• Anxiety

• Phobias

• Trauma

• Insomnia

• Self Esteem


Hypnotherapy can remove unwanted habits:

• Smoking

• Excessive eating

• Nail biting

• Bruxism

Why is this therapy for YOU?
What is Hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnotherapy?

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Who is hypnotherapy for?

Anybody with stress, anxiety, low self esteem, trauma/PTSD, wanting to lose weight, to get over addictions, manage phobias, insomnia, pain reduction, stammering, bruxism and grief. Mostly adults but can be children, accompanied with parent or guardian.

When to use Hypnotherapy

 There are no hard and fast rules over when to use Hypnotherapy. Depending on the severity of the problem, I usually recommend consulting with your GP first, and please don't stop any medication without talking to them either. Hypnotherapy can be very rapid and get to problems quickly. If you have any doubts then I will always talk to you first and explain the process to put your mind at ease.


I provide an initial free consultation of 30 minutes on the phone to understand your needs. I will run through the process and the benefits of hypnotherapy.

I will advise the format of the session and then answer any questions you have.

Will I feel different?

I will check that you are happy through every consultation and I will not continue if you do not feel this technique is right for you, however most individuals feel empowered and enlightened after a session. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and my first priority is your care and confidence.

How is Hypnotherapy done?

Right Mindfulness specialises in delivering sessions in different ways to suit YOU!

I can offer consultations via Zoom, Skype, or face to face in a hired consultation room at a wellbeing centre.

I want YOU to be comfortable so what ever suits YOU best.

How many sessions are needed?

Typically 4-6 sessions depending on your development through each consultation, but everyone is different. Sometimes you only need one session! I will discuss the progress and tailor each session to your needs as you develop your hypnotherapy technique.

How much do sessions cost?

Initial consultation is free up to 30 minutes.

Online Zoom and Skype consultations are £50 per session of 75 minutes.

Face to face consultations are, at present, also £50 per session of 75 minutes.

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