What is Mindfulness ResiliEnce?

Stress is a part of modern life whether we like it or not. Resilience is about capacity to handle stress and if we develop this, it means we have more capacity to get the most out of life. There are a number of ways to handle this obviously but using Mindfulness is very powerful and effective

In this 4-week practical programme you will:-

Learn about stress and it's impact on the nervous system

• Understand your own stressors and how they affect your human wellbeing needs

• Learn how to build your mindful resources

• Discover how to manage threats

• Stay in control even as life throws you off-balance

Build a plan to keep your mental tools sharp

Why is this therapy for YOU?

Who is Mindfulness ResiliEnce for?

Ideal if YOU need to increase your ability to handle stress. This course helps you learn how to accept that stress is a natural part of life, learning and developing. I will provide you with the resources to cope.  If you are a busy individual that is spinning lots of plates this is for YOU.

When to use Mindfulness For ResiliEnce

If YOU are anxious over your life, work or relationships. This type of therapy is designed to help you cope and feel strong when these circumstances arise.


Feel free to call me for a chat or email me and I cna give you further details. It's actually a simple programme, using a straightforward model you can use any time. Most of the time will be practice, not theory, and you will go away well-equipped to cope with life's stresses

What to expect

Right Mindfulness will introduce you to different stress types and how this can impact on your health, wellbeing and 

your nervous system. This practical session will involve questionnaires and feedback that you have gathered to then build your resources. WE will help YOU build a personal plan to help you succeed. 

How is A Session done?

Right Mindfulness specialises in delivering sessions in different ways to suit YOU!

These group sessions can be delivered online via Zoom or in a room in a therapy centre so you can feel relaxed and at your best.

How many sessions are there?

The programme is 4 weekly sessions.  We make the in-class sessions really practical with plenty of time to practice and reflect in between. In a group environment you get the chance to build new contacts with people looking for the same outcomes as you.

How much do sessions cost?

Online sessions are £55 per person

Face to face, in-class sessions are £60 per session.

Please Check out the Book Online page for details of what is running and when

Your questions answered

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Tel: 07398 455 826

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