Be Mindfully Bored - You'll be Rewarded!

For some reason, people can't sit still these days. Actually, we do know the reason. As homo sapiens, we are not very good at doing nothing, and if we are not busy releasing adrenaline and cortisol to prevent us from danger, then we are addicted to getting a hit of dopamine to reward us or keep us interested in life. It's in our evolutionary make-up. Habits like these, though, do unfortunately preclude most people from the joy of mindfulness, of staying with a moment and just enjoying it for its own sake without having to resort to some other stimulation, like reaching for your phone to see your messages. Be in the moment and suck out of it what you can - the sounds, the colours, the light shades, the feeling of air, the touch of an object, your breath. Don't judge it. Let the moment unfold, and be with it. If you happen to be in an unpleasant situation, then the chances are it will soon pass. So before picking up your phone to get a hit of text messages or Facebook likes, give yourself a minute to allow yourself to be thoroughly bored and with the moment. It's amazing what life can offer in these micro moments. Try it (if only for a minute……)

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