Communicate Mindfully

From "Everyday Mindfulness - 365 ways to a centred life by Octopus books - so theirs is the credit for everything in the quotation marks. I thought it might be nice to relay most, if not all, of these via my blog on and I will post the thoughts on Facebook too

January 4th - "Mindful Communication - Today, practise bringing your mindful attention to your interactions with others. Focus on making eye contact with the people you communicate with, on really seeing them."

It's certainly an important aspect of mindfulness, and one of the many benefits - i.e. it is a kindness to those around you to feel like you are interested in them rather than nodding your head while scrolling through your phone as they talk. We all do it. It's still easy, however, for your mind to wander off as it starts to make up stories or thoughts about the person you are communicating with and you don't actually listen. Try and see things as they are: in that moment, not how you imagine them to be. It's tough to do, but worth it.