Depressed and Full of Self-Loathing? Then Meditate!

This Guardian article which I came across online today really resonated with me and no doubt many others. It is so easy to pursue perfection and our goals to be the best at what we do, that we only focus on the bad things and where we fall short - or where we are told that is the case! With the stepping back practice that is meditation, there is generally a two-part process to turning things around. Firstly, we are able to look at an objective and true picture which may not be in parallel with our irrational thinking, and secondly, that if we can think ourselves downwards, then we can correspondingly think ourselves - upwards. Our thoughts really do define us ultimately. If we start with a negative seed of a thought, it will grow into a problem or not even grow at all - but if we plant something positive, we will see all kinds of good things happening as events conspire to help us. Give it a go. Pay attention to your breath mindfully for a few minutes a day.

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