Don't wait for New Year's Day to make meaningful change

Speaking to people who want to start a positive mental wellbeing practice during December and the same attitude crops up. It's great, but I think I will wait until the New Year for a fresh start. Why? If it's that important, why wouldn't you do it now? Because I am busy now, comes the self-assured reply. It will be better to have a clean start in January.

We set such stall by the big New Year's Resolution, life changing shifts which catapult us into happiness and fulfilment. A survey said that 43% of us have given up our goals by the end of January, and after three months only 10% are still going.

The big issue is that you waited. And you waited because it was too big, too much of a change to just get on with it today. That means two things. One is that you didn't really want it that badly in the first place, so it is not a goal that has been truly thought out and consistent with who you are or want to be. Two - well, it's too big! Compound interest...small changes lead to big results over time, and they are more sustainable to keep going.

Runners don't go from couch potato to London Marathon. They go 'Couch to 5k' then build from there. Doing stuff every day that contributes towards the next achievable goal. Running a little further, eating a little healthier, making tweaks and adjustments as you go. Remembering to show up, day after day. Softly, softly catchy monkey, rather than bull-in-a-china-shop will get you through. Just start. Do something to get you moving.

You won't just hit one goal (and then give it up). You will make sustainable change. But don't wait for some arbitrary calendar date. Get started - and start small. Do it differently so that January 1st isn't a shock this time around. Unless you drank too much that is...

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