Gratitude for what we have now keeps wanting in check

And they're off! The holiday break is over and we are all racing hell for leather into 2022 looking for what we want that's going to be different this year.

It is the wanting that is the problem. Reaching out in front of us and wanting things to be different from how they are now, when there is enough to be enjoying just under our noses. I tell myself to go slower, look for quality not quantity, live life here and now and pay more attention to it. There are scores of unread books on my shelves. Did I really need to buy (or ask to be given for Christmas) a whole new stack of them?

No, I didn't NEED, I just WANTED, and this is what keeps us tearing off into the future without enjoying what is right here in the present. Looking for new things, trying to be someone else, someone new, when there's not that much wrong with the current model (go easy on me).

It's a good time to put the brakes on from all these life changing plans and just appreciate what is here. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy booking holidays (if you have the nerve right now, as well as good insurance) and making plans. We need to do that to make the future present something to enjoy.

It does mean that a little gratitude for what we have now goes a long way. It is easy to do and cheap - sanctuary for those of us with creaking credit card bills post the festive season - if only you can get into the habit.

I am alive, I am breathing, I have two eyes to see, two ears to hear and a mouth to speak with. I have my two arms, hands, legs and feet. Everything is in place and just about working well. I know it sounds 'born-again' but I will dwell on all this for a while.

Happy New Year! Have a great 2022.

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