If you want to Let it Go, first you must Let it In

Most of us find it difficult to let go. “Just let it go!”, we are told.

There is a reason why it is so tough to do, and that is because we don’t let the thing “in” in the first place.

It is the emotion we are letting go, not the person, event, thought; that might have long since disappeared, and yet we still carry its afterburn.

Because we probably have never accepted the accompanying emotion - we are always resisting - it keeps knocking at the door. No amount of shouting at it will make it go away.

Until we open the door and invite it onto the welcome mat, while we take a good look at what it really is. We don’t need to lead it through to the lounge for a cup of tea. You will find that having had a good look at you, and you at it, it realises that it has no further business here.

It turns around and goes out through the same door, and you smile as the door gives a satisfying click.

Perhaps you can think of something you want to let go and use this analogy as you contemplate; don’t get lost in its story, it is just an emotion. Lay out the welcome mat, give it an escape route, and let it go.

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