If your thoughts trouble you.....get off the bus.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

There is no shame sometimes in just stepping off, saying this isn't for me. Although it's good practice in mindfulness to pay attention to your thoughts and even entertain them for a while, however bad they may be - it's also incredibly empowering and peaceful to allow them to move along, and just pass you by.

Try this little visual imagination tip if your negative thoughts are overwhelming you.

If you are struggling with bad thoughts, maybe the same repeating ones, or just a swathe of self critical rumination, then.....

Close your eyes.

Imagine you are on a bus -a single decker - you are sitting someway down the bus towards the back, even on the back seat if you wish - the choice is yours.

Out of the window you can see a beautiful scene - something you really like - a sea coast, a rolling countryside, a cityscape - whatever you find most relaxing and where you might like to be travelling.

You look around you at the other passengers - the bus is not packed out but there are other people and they are dotted around. You notice after a short while, they are actually all different versions of you, and what's more they don't look particularly happy.

You instinctively know that they are troubled, and experiencing difficult thoughts and emotions.

You look outside once again at your treasured vista, full of promise and positivity.

Rising from your seat you see a stopping bell on the stabilising bar just ahead of you. You press it and it gives a satisfying 'ding'.

You walk down the aisle to the front, and as you arrive the bus driver stops and opens the front doors which give a satisfying sigh. The bus driver is also a version of you, but smiles at you as you say goodbye and leave.

You step off the bus, and stand for a few moments as the doors close and the bus moves off; you watch it until it disappears out of sight.

Looking around, this day is full of promise in your special place.

Stay positive.

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