Manage Your Inner Judge and Feel the Joy

Are you aware of the judge inside your mind? Always judging others, and always judging you. In fact, we are a constant stream of judging. We have opinions and ideas about everything, even if we are not aware of it.

An attitude of mindfulness is being, you guessed it, non-judgmental. Does that mean we can eliminate judgment altogether? Of course not, we are human. But you will practice to the point where you become aware of your judging, and start to discern.

If we start to shine a light on judgemental thoughts, we get 3 huge benefits:-

  1. We see that people, events, opinions really are not that black and white. There are shades of grey, even if your catastrophizing mind’s highlights reel will only show you negative opinions or so it seems. Be aware of this, and see if you settle in the middle. Being on the fence isn’t such a bad place to be.

  2. This word judgment - we tend to think of it negatively. “Oh, you’re so judgemental!” In a courtroom, a judge weighs up the balance between right and wrong, the prosecution and the defence. Keep a mind to weigh up both sides.

  3. Where there is negative judgment, there is no room for joy. When you learn to discern and actually see your thoughts without being lost in them, you can change direction. Seeing your own thoughts as they happen will give you the chance to pivot and think about a more positive spin, or even something else entirely that brings you more joy.

Be mindful of persistent negative thoughts. Those things will kill ya. Befriend your judge, manage them, feel the joy.

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