Notice Colours - sharpen your mindful observations

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I found this fun exercise in my Everyday Mindfulness book, so once again, the credit isn't mine! Pick a colour for a day and then if you remember to do so (that's the point!) then stop and notice that colour. Note it's shade, it's hues, the texture of the object it colours, and the way the light shades play. Only do it for a few moments, and do it without judgement if you can. It's not about liking it or not liking it, it's about stopping and noticing - and as you do, turning off the over-active mind and paying attention to the moment. It's a micro-moment of mindfulness. See how it makes you think about the world around you, and what it does to your general awareness and feelings of alertness. The other day, I tried to think about a colour but just couldn't - then the first thing I saw was a mustard yellow sweater being worn out on the street, so I chose that.

Doing this makes colour leap out at you. I hope that's a good thing!


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