Stay here, right now. The future will come to you soon enough.

It's a masochistic thing to do, setting an alarm for 6.15am when you don't have to work. So is setting off for a golf course 20 miles away when it's pitch dark to make a 7.50am tee time. Lights on full beam, heading down the country lanes and it is the day after the shortest day. Now we are past this annual astronomic milestone, my patience is done. I am expecting, by some miracle, for the dawn to come more quickly than the weather app predicts.

As I get closer to the golf course, the sky breaks in the east and it's all glorious crimson and burnt orange. It is indeed the day after the Winter Solstice and our globe is hurtling headlong towards brighter orbits. I can't help thinking that the darkness is passing and it won't be long before days get agreeably longer as spring arrives. It's a psychological boost, of course. Things will get better soon.

Do stop it, I advise myself kindly. Stop thinking about what may come in the future but rather witness what is happening now, right in front of me. The sky screaming daylight in a season of darkness is a wonderful thing, especially if you've camped out at Stonehenge waiting for it.

Don't wish it away. Even if you have that 'it's ok, Christmas will soon be over' thing (some/many will know what I mean). Actually we are only here for a blink. It will all be over soon enough. Be with it. Good grief, you might even enjoy it!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Stay safe.

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