Stressing Out is Fine, But Here is a Way to Manage Yourself Afterwards

This morning I pretty much lost my mind over technology. I was attempting to send out meeting invitations for some meditation classes (the irony), and Google and Zoom conspired to outfox me, and took my crafted emails and calendar invites and made them disappear. Had they gone out or not? I nearly brought my fist crashing down onto my keyboard in sheer frustration. My clients must think I am an idiot – everything I try technically appears to go wrong. I made strange squeaking noises as

my forehead rested on my desk.

Let me explain how I got out of the darkness. You may try this too. As soon as something minor happens like this; yes, I said MINOR - it’s not life or death - then follow these steps: -

1. STEP AWAY and do something else – I went to do a workout and threw all my frustrations into swinging a kettlebell (thankfully keeping hold of it).

2. I was KIND to myself. Look at my sentence above. “Everything I try technically appears to go wrong” is an exaggeration and misrepresentation of FACTS. These are NEGATIVE AUTOMATIC THOUGHTS. What if I was thinking this way instead? “I can operate a computer and have done so successfully for decades. Sometimes things bug out, and I have had a couple of unlucky experiences lately.” Much healthier and more accurate. Think of this as a THOUGHT AUDIT.

3. I then contacted a small sample of my clients – having become calmer - with an honest apology to find out what they had received or not – so I knew where I was FIX IT with a new plan and a clear mind.

Key Takeaway

Don’t let the stress of frustration hang around when something goes wrong: there is no problem letting out your emotion (I would do that again as long as it doesn't hurt anyone), but don’t let the subsequent negativity lead to self-criticism and despair. Remember these steps – GO & DO SOMETHING ELSE > AUDIT YOUR THOUGHTS > FIX THE ISSUE (if it needs it).

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