Use Connection with Others to Kill Your Negative Thoughts

Therapists tell you that your thoughts are not facts. I have even heard myself say it. And although I get that conceptually, it is hard to believe it when your own musings are rattling around the echo chamber of your mind. When you are in contact with someone else, however, it’s different. There are 2 main things that happen with your troublesome thoughts.

1. Either we openly talk about them, and we get a new perspective which may kill the thought altogether.

2. The thoughts seem to get absorbed somehow, even if we don’t air them. They are lost in the relative importance of other stuff. Put in their place.

Connection is everything. And it does not mean necessarily having to be physically being with someone either. (difficult anyway, in a pandemic.)

Here is a tip: Even when isolated at home, make the effort to make a solid connection with someone – could be your partner or best friend, or it could be someone who you have not seen in years. Drop them a text, make a call – even write them a letter! Ask them how they are. The kindness you showed by taking the trouble will make their day, and it will make you feel fantastic (dopamine, serotonin release. It's a happy-hormone-fest!)

– and those negative thoughts will fade into the crowd. Into perspective.

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