Who Controls the Narrative in your Mind?

A single message came bolting out of the recently screened 'Princes and the Press' on BBC. When it comes to different agendas and their inevitable disagreements in public life, the winners are the ones more savvy about controlling the story, or narrative, that people hear.

Nothing is real, as John Lennon reminded us, and our own minds build models of the world based on our beliefs and values. They are reinforced or updated by what we hear and experience as we continually update our lenses and filters on the world. What we perceive is our reality.

In this case, it looks like Wills and Kate have played a better hand, and whether their deals with the press are Faustian or not, they are the more popular now. Who will get the easier time of it from press and public?

So it is with our minds. There are warring factions here too, some positive and some negative. Which ones control the narrative in your own mind and dictate your mood and your life?

Next time you mindfully listen to your thoughts, see if you can seize the narrative and shape it how you want it to be. Imagine you are writing your story for a column. How do you want it to read? And what kind of reality do you want to create for yourself?

Your future isn't defined by what happens to you, it is defined by your response to what happens to you. What's your story going to be?