Mindful Meditation - Group Sessions 2020 - Courses, Retreats and Drop-ins - it all looks a little different thanks to Covid-19....

Hi there, thanks for taking a look

Unfortunately Covid-19 has put paid to our face to face workshops and courses, but we are still open for business, as people need us now more than ever. We are running online meditation sessions for groups in place of some of the courses we were going to run. If you would like to join in an online session then please message me via the Contact Form on the home page  or alanmuskett@rightmindfulness.co.uk.

Like everyone else, we will monitor the situation and look to maybe getting things back to normal (whatever that looks like now) in the summer.

Please check out the Recorded Meditations tab for the opportunity to take time out and be mindful. 

Thank you and stay safe and well.

"Suffering with the effects of stress and anxiety I came to Alan’s class looking for a more holistic way to help myself. I must admit meditation does not come easily to me but after learning about mindfulness and the continued practice of meditation I have started to notice a difference, becoming less irritable and taking things more in my stride"