What Are Wellbeing Retreats?

This introductory mindfulness and wellbeing retreat day will provide you or your team with a practical guide how to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. If you are wanting to make a change and reduce stress and anxiety this retreat day will be for you. Take home new skills and tips.

Inclusive in your 6 hour day

• Introduction to mindfulness

• Seated guided meditations - recordings to take  away

• Lie down body scan 

Mindful movement / light yoga stretch

• Walking meditation with nature

Mindful eating lunch break (bring own - sorry!)

Tea and Coffee breaks with biscuits (vegan    available)

Course Locations

• Specialist wellbeing locations designed to enhance relaxation and mindfulness; including The Fold at Bransford and St.Peter's Hall, Inkberrow

• Maximum of 6-8 people per retreat day, due to social distancing requirements depending on location

Why take part?
Your questions answered

Who is A Wellbeing Retreat Day for?

Ideal if YOU need to increase your ability to handle stress. This retreat day helps you learn how to accept that stress is a natural part of life, learning and development. I will provide YOU with the resources to cope.  If you are a busy individual that is spinning lots of plates this is for YOU.

WhY Is A Retreat Day Recommended?

If you feel anxious or stressed and are unsure of the next steps to improve your wellness a Right Mindfulness retreat day is a perfect introduction to start you thinking of improving your wellbeing and putting YOU first. You will walk away with an understanding of how to work towards your wellness goals.


Right Mindfulness retreat days are designed for all individuals at all levels of mindfulness. This course is a good allrounder for starting you on your path.

The retreat day is also perfect for interested, experienced or beginner practitioners. 

What Happens on the day?

The Retreat day is built up of many practical components including yoga, meditation, walking and relaxation. The 6 hour day will be within a chosen wellness centre perfect for your day. Refreshments are included but bring your own packed lunch and remember to dress appropriately for light yoga. This day is about YOU!

Where Does The Retreat Take Place?

Right Mindfulness has a carefully chosen selection of wellbeing centres that enhances relaxation and nature, such as The Fold at Bransford in Worcestershire.

How Long is the Retreat Day?

Typically the retreat day will be around 6 hours and will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities (weather dependent). We start at 10 a.m. and finish around 4 p.m.

How much does the day cost?

I will give you a price based on a tailored package for you. That isn't code for being expensive! It just depends what we can do together and how many people