Why Right Mindfulness? 

Whatever you're doing in life, it will always be better if your mind is performing at its full potential. 

Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach in Worcestershire 

Here at Right Mindfulness in Worcestershire, we are qualified to help you cope with stress and anxiety, manage emotions and get over fears and phobias. 

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Mindful Habit Changing - starts 8th February 

Unlocking limiting beliefs in the mind helps you achieve more and enjoy life to the full. Even if thoughts seem negative, we can change them to be more positive and you can be more like the person you want to be. The key point is that you have the resources already, but it's about unlocking them. Our job is to guide you to find your answers and put together a mental toolkit just for you! 
Here at Right Mindfulness, we are all about helping you to expand your potential, whatever your goals, from coping with stress and anxiety, getting over fears and phobias, or simply building your confidence. 

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For Individuals 

I offer a range of private 1:1 sessions involving mindfulness, hypnotherapy and mental health resilience support to help improve your life and become the real you. I aim to help you build habits which keep you mentally well. 
I also offer courses on Introductions to Mindfulness and Mindfulness for Resilience. Two or three times a year, I also run Mindfulness Retreat Days which are a boon for relaxation! In addition, you can join in our relaxing Weekly Group Meditations. 
Keep a lookout on the Upcoming Courses & Events page for events and programmes. 

For Teams 

If you are looking to support a business team or group, then we have a number of different offerings. We run Mindfulness for Resilience and Change, as well as Weekly Group Meditations, and Retreat Days. 
Click the button below for more details, or feel free to contact me directly to discuss your team's needs. 
My other hat is training mental health resilience to groups of people. This can be for close knit teams or a mix of individuals within an organisation. 
This is so important for people at work, as being miserable there affects our whole lives and those around us. I know because I found that out myself. 
Find out more about our day long workshops and coaching. 

Who we've worked with 

In addition to our many private clients, we have helped a number of world class companies and other organisations, including various charities. 

Who Is Behind Right Mindfulness? 

Right Mindfulness was founded by Alan Muskett. He has been meditating for many years, having started it as a means of getting over work anxiety. Finding that he really benefited from it, Alan decided to pursue teaching qualifications and started running courses and therapy back in 2018. 
He has experience of working with a wide range of people and differing levels of knowledge - from absolute beginners to more experienced practitioners. During his time running courses, he has worked with private and corporate clients, people with illness, anxiety, and anyone who wants to reduce stress and worry, increase resilience and enjoy life more. 
Alan specialises in different types of mindful meditation, breath and body scan, loving kindness, visualisations and relaxation. He also gives guidance on how to bring mindfulness informally into many aspects of daily life. 
"Hi! I'm Alan, a qualified hypnotherapist and certified Mindfulness Instructor.  
I live in the Inkberrow area of Worcestershire, and I started practising mindfulness several years ago after going through some anxiety and insomnia. I liked it so much that I decided to train to teach it. I offer individual and group coaching, as well as courses. 
I also practice hypnotherapy for a range of reasons, such as helping with weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety, fear, improving self esteem and more. 
In these stressful times, these techniques can help you become more resilient and truly change your outlook on life. 
Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, so please be sure to check out my hypnotherapy page to find out more information on how this relaxing process can help us beat stress and be more confident. 
My background has been corporate life in the food industry, working in Europe and North America in several senior managerial positions. I always found that I was more interested in people than the actual business itself though, so when I left I decided to do something I felt more passionate about. 
I trained in Mindfulness teaching and Hypnotherapy at the Central England College of Holistic Therapies in Birmingham. 
I have been fortunate to be able to help many clients overcome various issues over the years. 
I look forward to hopefully helping you too." 

Services Explained 

Unsure what consultation is RIGHT FOR YOU? 
Why not watch these short videos which explain our services and the benefits to your wellbeing and mental health. 

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Interested in finding out more? Fill in the form below to contact me, or call me or email me. 
All enquiries and information are completely confidential. 
I look forward to helping you embark on your Right Mindfulness journey. 
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