Meditation: Why not try it...! 

Most people, especially beginners, find it's easier to meditate with a guided voice. We have recorded a number of meditations which you can play anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection (never listen while driving!). 
Below are a few of our favourite meditations. If you are not so experienced, we recommend you work from top to bottom, getting comfortable with each one first. Focus on breathing first, and accepting the reality of what is going on in and around you, then move on to dealing with thoughts and feelings. 


Very Quick Exercise to Stop Stress 
It doesn’t get any quicker than this to counter stress and take yourself out of time for a few moments. You can do this eyes open or closed. STOP is an acronym for Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed. Really simple, and in time you will learn to do it on your own without the recording; at your desk, in the home, a supermarket queue, sat at a traffic light (but not with your eyes closed). So quick and effective. (1 minute) 

Desk Calm 

Desk Calmer Meditation Track 
A short meditation when at your desk and work gets you down - just a few minutes to re-set. This one is nice if you just look at the screen to watch the sun setting. (4 minutes) 

Breathing Break 

Tuning into your Breath 
Take a break and notice your breath. This is a short meditation practice for about 8 minutes which helps you calm and tune in to your breathing. A great daily practice or as a starter for beginners. (8 minutes) 

Loving Kindness 

Loving Kindness Meditation Track 
A pleasant outcome of meditation is the ability to show greater kindness for oneself and others. This one encourages and conditions you to have greater compassion all round. (19 minutes) 

Body Scan Meditation 

Body Scan Lie Down Meditation Track 
A way to meditate and relax by lying down, really effective for end of day and helps you sleep.  
It is so importan to connect with the body, as we tend to spend a lot of our lives in our heads, and yet it is the body which tells us how to feel. It's all one unit. The body scan helps you connect with real sensations in the body, and allow you to accept all experiences. It also helps you ground yoursefl physically by being ware of physical sensations which stop you thinking for a moment! (13 minutes) 

Handling Emotions - Meditation and Journaling 

Dealing with Difficult Emotions - Meditation and Journaling 
Mindful meditation is about allowing yourself to experience whatever is going on within you with acceptance - even your most difficult thoughts and emotions. This exercise gives you a method to deal with difficulty by allowing it in, seeing the emotion from a calmer perspective, then allowing yourself to let it go. Have a pen and paer handy for the second part of this exercise (11 minutes) 

Mindful Walking 

Mindful Walking Meditation Track 
A great to way to experience the outdoors and calm your mind. If using headphones - be safe and alert to any potential could use this at the start of a longer walk then continue - or just replay (12 minutes) 

So Hum Mantra 

Breath and Mantra Meditation 
'So Hum' is said to be the sound of the breath. This meditation encourages you to focus on both breath and mantra and is one of my favourites. (9 minutes) 

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