What is Right Mind-30 Coaching? 

Right Mind-30 is a personalised 30-minute online 1:1 session just for YOU, and means you can receive the right mindfulness meditations and coaching depending on what you want and need, not what your meditation app gives you! 

The tools we provide cover these key segments: 

Tired of using mindfulness apps? 
Need some mental clarity to help YOU cope or achieve YOUR goal? 
Need some help more quickly and personally? 
It is inexpensive and easily accessible and convenient for YOU 

What can Right Mind-30 do for you? 

Help you by talking through your needs and goals with a qualified coach 
Give you mental clarity 
Allow you to learn new mental skills to improve life 

Who is RIGHT MIND-30 Coaching for? 

Coaching is for anybody who wants to achieve something, whether it's getting over stress or getting motivated to reach a big goal. Anyone who is a complete mindfulness beginner or an experienced practitioner can benefit from this. 

When to use RIGHT MIND-30? 

Coaching can help you at any time and so can Mindfulness. Bring the two together and it will help you at whatever point you are at - whether you are struggling to cope or need inspiration to achieve a goal. When your mind feels addled this is the right approach to reboot. 

How will I know it's right for me? 

Feel free to call me or email me and I can tell you more. B ut this is a low risk, no obligation way to get some mental clarity. You can book on a pay-as-you-go basis and it is an inexpensive way to begin or develop a personalised practice to you. 

Will RIGHT MIND-30 make a difference? 

Studies show that just a few minutes of mindfulness daily can have significant positive effects on your wellbeing. Right Mind-30 gives you the inspiration to develop your mental skills in a way that is suited to your own situation. The evidence is very strong that you can gain lots of benefits, whatever your goals. 

How is RIGHT MIND-30 COACHING done? 

It is done via online 1:1 sessions. We can offer sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. You will need a strong enough Internet connection to be able to have sustainable audio and video links. We also recommend you have a quiet space in your home/office so you can have some peace for our 1:1. You can book online directly at a time that suits you, or call/email us to make an appointment. 

How many sessions are needed? 

You can do as little or as many as you like; there are no obligations. We just ask that you pay the session fee upfront as we go. Sometimes people come for one session to get a mental boost, whereas other come weekly as it can be their oasis of peace. 

How do I go forward with this? 

Click on the button below to start the ball rolling. I will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to meet, which can be in person or online whichever you prefer. 

Get In Touch 

Interested in finding out more? Fill in the form below to contact me, or call me or email me. 
All enquiries and information are completely confidential. 
I look forward to helping you embark on your Right Mindfulness journey. 
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