Why should your company invest in mental resilience for your teams and employees? 

Here are 6 good reasons:- 
1 in 4 will experience a mental health problem every year 
Mental health incidence doubled during Covid 
Investing in resilience training will drive both productivity and engagement 
Proactive preventative measures are far more beneficial and cost effective 
The cost to employers is £5bn p.a. in lost time 
The need for employee support is only going to grow 
My long-time colleague Gary Black and I developed this course after realising that most people in the workplace are just like us… trying to find our way forwards but in a healthy and sustainable manner. 
We wished we had learned the tools we teach a long time ago! 

What is our solution at We Are Being? 

Imagine your resilience is like air in a hot air balloon. The more height you gain the less you worry about the obstacles below you – the hills, the trees, the buildings. But if you don’t remember to fire up the gas, you will find yourself dragging through them. 
With this analogy, we built the balloon with six segments, from different areas of psychological research. There is a 'buffet' of 36 simple tools to choose from in our We Are Being toolkit journal. Each one you use in your life will put some air in your own balloon. 
At the end of a day’s workshop (face-to-face or online), each delegate will have learned about mental resilience, practiced some of the tools, and formulated their individual plan. Everyone is different, and we ask everyone to prioritise what works for them. 

What to do next 

If you would like to know more about how you can strengthen your team’s mental health, and get them to grow closer together to boot, then just book a consultation call. You need to commit to having up to 12 people out of your business for a day, so they need support to be able to switch off and learn. It’s an investment in them, and in your organisation. 
You can also follow us on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with our events. 

Get In Touch 

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I look forward to helping you embark on your Right Mindfulness journey. 
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