About Me 

My name is Alan Muskett and am living in the rural county of Worcestershire. I have been passionate about helping people for a good part of my working life, but have only recently decided to make it my full time job. For 30 years I worked in the food industry, in high stress managerial and sales/supply chain roles for the most part. 
It was about 7 years ago that I started to feel some real anxiety at work, feeling the pressure of the job and the need to perform and keep delivering. I started to doubt myself, lose sleep worrying about it (mostly unnecessarily), and panic about going to meetings and speaking in front of people - all things I had always done with very little problem. 
I then Googled a solution and came across mindfulness - which back then I had never heard of. I took an online meditation course and almost immediately found benefits - I was sleeping better, had a sense of presence and calm, and seemed to be better at not reacting badly to events. 

Other Therapies 

After I became a mindfulness teacher, I realised I wanted to extend my skill-set, as there are so many ways we can get into mental health difficulties, that there must necessarily be different solutions. I trained as a Hypnotherapist (also with the CECCH) in 2019, got my diploma, and have been practising ever since. It strikes me that there are very few of us who would NOT benefit from some talking therapy with the help of mental relaxation and problem solving - sometimes utilising mindfulness too, depending on the problem. Everyone is different! 

Helping Others 

I realised that, if this could help me, then surely there must be millions like me. I hadn't thought my problems were so big in retrospect, but at the time it felt like my whole world was collapsing. 
I enrolled at the Central England College of Holistic Therapies, a centre for Mindfulness Teacher Training which runs a proprietary course called Mindfulness Now (approved by the British Psychological Society). 
I qualified in 2017 as a Mindfulness teacher, qualified to instruct adults and children. 

Here To Help 

Hopefully this website gives you some useful background information on the type of services we provide - but the best way is to telephone or email me with your problem and we can have a chat to see how I can help. 

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Interested in finding out more? Fill in the form below to contact me, or call me or email me. 
All enquiries and information are completely confidential. 
I look forward to helping you embark on your Right Mindfulness journey. 
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