What Are Weekly Group Meditations? 

Each Tuesday at 5pm, unless it’s in the holidays, I lead group meditation sessions at the Inkberrow Physio and Acupuncture Clinic, opposite Grey Gables Surgery on the High Street. 
They are drop-in sessions, so you don’t need to commit to coming every week and cost just a fiver per person. Over the course of 45 minutes, I help people learn to build their mindfulness practice with some guided meditation, reflection, and discussion. 
If you haven’t done anything like this before, that is not a problem. There is no pressure on anyone to do or say anything, just go along with the experience and see what you get out of it. Have a look at the FAQs below if you would like to know more. 

Who is Mindful Meditation For? 

I may be biased, but I think it’s for everyone – in the same way that physical exercise of some description is necessary if you are able to do so. Even if you feel mentally tough, resilient, and positive, mindful meditation will only make your mental muscles stronger. 

What is Mindfulness exactly? 

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to whatever is going on in the here and now, whether it is sensations of the senses, or thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is NOT emptying the mind (wouldn’t that be Mind-empty-ness?) or blocking out any of the above. Mindfulness is simply accepting what is happening now, without judging the experience. Simple to say, but much harder to do, given the agitated nature of our brains. 

What does Mindfulness do? 

Mindfulness gives you the chance to slow down your brain so you can relate to your thoughts and difficulties when you are in a calmer state, rather than be wrapped up in your fight or flight/stress response. It helps us form new neural pathways which change our thinking habits. It makes us more resilient and resistant to stress, and helps you think more creatively. It can help you train your brain to be more focused and stay on task better. 

Are there any reasons why I can’t meditate? 

If you suffer from epilepsy or psychotic episodes, or undergone serious trauma, then definitely talk to your GP first before you undertake any mindfulness. If you are suffering from clinical depression rather than mild episodes, it may be that mindfulness will not be beneficial for you either. For mild depression, the NHS recommends mindful meditation, and studies have shown that it can be just as effective as medication. ALWAYS consult your GP before making any changes to your medication, however. You can always give me a call directly to talk about your concerns. 

What happens in a Group Meditation session? 

There is no great mystique here. Each week, I have a group of people, some new and some regulars, and I will offer tips and guidance on mindful living, and we can discuss it as little or as much as we like. The main part of the session is conducted as one or two meditations. What does that mean? Well, all the participants sit quietly on a chair, usually with their eyes closed, while I gently talk to them and offer suggestions as to what they might focus on. The first meditation is usually about 5 minutes to get warmed up, and the second one tends to be around 15 minutes. The meditators tend to open their eyes and feel refreshed and alert, and after their session, are ready to enjoy the rest of their evening. 
It is not expensive and the £5 can be paid on the evening. 

What benefits does Mindfulness have? 

There are a great many studies which have shown that mindful meditation can improve mood, memory and cognitive function, and tolerance to pain, whether physical or emotional. It reduces stress and anxiety and tends to foster more grateful and compassionate attitudes - to oneself and others. 

How do I attend these sessions? 

Just give me a text or a call to make sure I have a space for you. The sessions take place at the Inkberrow Physio and Acupuncture Clinic at Alexander House on the High Street in Inkberrow (just opposite the Grey Gales Surgery). Every Tuesday at 17.00 - 17.45. £5 per person payable on the evening 
T&C’s FOR GIFT VOUCHER - WEEKLY MINDFUL MEDITATIONS (multiples of £5, limit £50) 
The voucher shall entitle the receiver to attend weekly mindful meditation sessions at Inkberrow Physio and Acupuncture clinic, held on most Tuesdays at 17.00-17.45. 
Depending on how many sessions have been bought, eg £20 buys 4 sessions, then this will entitle the receiver to attend that many sessions. 
Sessions do not need to be consecutive. 
Sessions must be used up by 30th June 2023. 
Rightmindfulness will maintain a record of sessions attended by the receiver, and this information will be shared with them as they go along, so they know how many sessions they can use 
After trying the service, should the receiver decide they don’t want to attend any more sessions, then a refund will be given equivalent to the amount not used. E.g. after 2 sessions used from a £25 purchase, then a refund of £15 will be given to the original purchaser of the voucher. 

Get In Touch 

Interested in finding out more? Fill in the form below to contact me, or call me or email me. 
All enquiries and information are completely confidential. 
I look forward to helping you embark on your Right Mindfulness journey. 
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