Yesterday morning I was driving under cover of pitch darkness down the country roads. The full moon was ahead of me and I could see a star or planet (I didn’t know which at the time) just to the right of it, almost looking like a full stop. The moon of course was bright and shiny and mesmerising as ever. It always fascinates me how this giant rock can orbit around us with such astonishing predictability, and shine so bright without having even a single light bulb of its own. 
The planet - I looked it up - was the godfather of our solar system, Jupiter, and was impressive enough to still be seen even in the glow while giving the limelight to its smaller (but apparently bigger) neighbour in the sky. 
In the evening, as I put the bins out, I saw the moon again, rising in the East, and it had moved a little away from Jupiter on its monthly circling of Earth. The planet’s own brightness had returned. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to move out of the shadow of others in order to realise our own luminescence. It’s all a matter of waiting for the wheels to go round and finding a spot where you have the space to shine. 

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