When you feel that everything is running at 100 miles per hour, have you ever considered that it’s because you are zipping around too? 
Imagine you are in the middle of as busy road with traffic thundering by you as you attempt to thread your way across to the other side. You are full of trepidation and feel threatened as you look frantically about you. You jump and skip out of the way of the cars. Everything seems out of control and highly dangerous. You see all these different vehicles but can only deal with them as they come at you, honking their horns, flashing their lights, and waving their fists. You need to move faster just to stay alive. The noise is unbearable. Your senses are disorientated. And the faster you move, the faster they seem to move too. 
Now feel as if you are just waiting on the pavement watching the cars go by. You are standing still, just watching and waiting. Looking in both directions, you have perfect oversight of the situation.  
The cars trundle along in orderly fashion, not like random missiles when you are in amongst them. You have a sense of when the gaps might come, or when it’s not safe to cross. You take in the sound of the cars as they pass, the engine noise gradually rising and then falling as they recede from you. 
You have stopped moving, and everything seems to slow down. You know where the danger is, and more importantly, the opportunity. You know when to take your chance to act; when it’s right for you. 
In the same way, if you can slow down and still your mind you will take back control of it, and to some extent, the world around you. Even a one minute meditation or some controlled breathing can do this for you. Instead of dodging the cars, you’re in the driver’s seat. 
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